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Road construction machinery and equipment, technology and materials

Road construction machinery and equipment, technology and materials:.    Road construction machinery and equipment, technology and materials:


Road construction machinery and equipment, technology and materials:

Road construction machinery:

  • Road mills, asphalt pavers, rollers, crushing machines, sorting machines
  • Steam hammers, diesel-hammers, vibratory mills, vibration dampers.
  • Quarry loaders, continuous car transport machines for quarries, stone car washing machines, machines for sorting and milling stone materials.
  • Conveyors; hydraulic transport installations; pneumatic transport installations.
  • Equipment and machinery for marking roads.
  • Mobile asphalt plants.
  • Machines for quick rehabilitation of roads.

Building materials and components:

  • Geosynthetics, geotextiles.
  • Building chemicals.
  • Road bitumen.
  • Auxiliary production: quarries, factories.

Municipal technology:

  • Snow-removal equipment.
  • Technique for watering roads.
  • Technique for cleaning roads in the summer.
  • Repair and emergency equipment.
  • Vacuum machines.

Means of organization and traffic control:

  • Road Signs.
  • Traffic Signs and Lights.

Road marking, barrier fences and noise protection screens.

  • Traffic lights
  • Intelligent transport systems, programming and communication.
  • Lying Police.
  • Energy saving systems for road and street lighting and fixtures.
  • Safety features.
  • Means of monitoring the road surface.
  • Means of supervision of observance of high-speed mode.
  • Barrier systems and fences.
  • Emergency systems on the roads with emergency response services.
  • Systems of information provision of participants of traffic.
  • Weather monitoring on highways.
  • Information and communication systems.
  • Systems of photo, video fixation and control of the road situation.
  • Systems of automated control of masses and dimensions of vehicles.
  • Emergency and rescue equipment.

Roadside service:

  • Modern solutions for organization of roadside services and arrangement of roadside territories.
  • Protective clothing and overalls.


  • Systems for informing drivers about the location of parking areas and the availability of vacancies.
  • Enclosures, barriers, parking garages.
  • Payment and accounting systems.
  • Systems of visual observation and safety. road building materials and technologies.